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Our Story

Dear All,

Our Name, Logo & Slogan is a Registered Trade Mark since 2010 and consists of 4 elements:

  1. NAME: HOTEL MRAMOR ® – Mramor is a Macedonian word for Marble! When we thought about the interior of the hotel we decided to furnish our rooms & meeting room, stairs & halls, reception & terrace with Macedonian Mramor Sivec, which is the trademark of the dolomitic marble extracted from the quarries of mountain Cer in Macedonia, nearby to Dlaboka Dupka, Visoki Rid and Narta!
  2. LOGO: – Letter M, initials of the word Mramor! Mramor is a cultural symbol for tradition, and we nurtures our family tradition to host relatives, friends, and quests coming from all over the world!
  3. COLOURS: We undertake Red & Green colour, from the Hungarian flag, because of our Hungarian roots! We also, use this colours for our interior design, especially all shades of the green one for room styling.
    • Red, is a colour for courage, strength and pioneering spirit and relates to stability and security. Red is a bright, warm color that evokes strong emotions, associated with love, warmth, and comfort.
    • Green, is a colour that symbolizes nature and the natural world. Green also represents tranquility, good luck, and health, very often used in decorating for its calming effect. Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal.
  4. SLOGAN: Home Away From Home ®, from our Book of impressions (February, 2000) written by our guest. Our slogan describe our family spirit, our care for people to feel calm and relax when they are away from their homes.

If you wish to experience Our Story, then please come to Our Home full of love & calmness, at Your Home Away From Home ®!


With warm regards,

Zrínyi G.

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